DelTec Equipment

Deltec Equipment, a Netherlands based company, has for more than a decade manufactured specialized playing surface test devices as a compliment to their more than 30 years of sophisticated metal working experience.  They provide test devices that meet longstanding standards to the exacting requirements of International Standards and athletic federations such as FIFA, IAAF, World Rugby and FIH.

Deltec Equipment has through their manufacturing of the standard devices gained insight and perspective in the development of indicative devices that facilitate a great degree of the testing with a limited budget.  These devices have gained broad recognition and acceptance by testing organizations.  The goal of Deltec Equipment is to maximize customer satisfaction with their devices and results.

Deltec Equipment has a variety of testing equipment which you can find at their website. Their equipment is divided into a Proline and a Clubline. 

The Proline offers, amongst others, the 5A Impact Tester that combines the 2A and the 3A to save space and costs.

The variety of Fieldtesters we provide are part of the Clubline. With its unique design, and more importantly, its superior software and functions it is one of the bestselling testing equipment. Its design is also customizable to fit the color scheme of your choice.

We have partnered with Alpha-Automation Inc, the maker of the Triax Impact testing systems to be both our servicing and sales arm for North America.  This relationship provides the Deltec Equipment within North America and prompt and professional service to our clients.