Warmer weather means more testing. Is your system ready?

With spring right around the corner, kids will be heading out to play. 

Between COVID-19 and the cold, kids are excited to finally get out and play. This means the playgrounds will need to be checked for changes that might have occurred over the winter with emerging issues and to make sure they are not only compliant, but safe for when a child falls.  You CPSIs need the right tools to do the job.

As one of the most important tools for the inspection, the TRIAX needs very little maintenance. The only ongoing service the TRIAX requires is calibration. While it is a requirement in the standards, it is much more than just calibrating the sensor. To ensure the system’s integrity, the entire system is calibrated every two years. From the circuit boards to data analysis, the TRIAX is thoroughly inspected and tested, and leaves with it’s own calibration certificate for you to show to your customers.

FAQs about calibration

Q. Why should I calibrate? Shouldn’t the system always work?

Calibration is done for two major reasons. First, it helps ensure the data you are getting is correct, and to make sure it will continue to be correct. Like your car, you need to have it serviced every so often to make sure it will continue to work properly. Second, it is done to remain compliant with the standards. If your system is not compliant, your reports and data are not compliant.

Q. How often do I need to calibrate?

We require the TRIAX systems to be calibrated every two years. This is also are requirement of many standards.

Q. How do I know is my system is calibrated?

All of our systems include a calibration certificate on the memory card. If you do not have it, or have any questions, please contact us.

Q. What do I need to send for calibration?

There are different items required depending on which generation of TRIAX you have. Please contact us directly for items required and shipping instructions.

Q. What do I do between calibrations to make sure my Triax is working?

We supply you with a reference mat that is used every time you perform testing and determine that everything is within the performance requirements.