Paul Bamburak of Alpha Automation Inc. (Alpha) and Rolf Huber of Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. (CPA) joined together with playground pioneer Mr. Paul Hogan of Playground Clearing House to develop his vision into a range of impact attenuation and related test devices that have attained international recognition as the gold standard for accuracy in the testing of surfaces in playgrounds, sports fields and many other impact attenuating surfaces. This collaboration has resulted in the availability of the latest state of the art devices, training and information dissemination and the crown jewel, the TRIAX Touch impact testing system.

Featuring the 4.6kg hemispherical missile (compliant with ASTM F355 procedure “E” , EN1177 and all other relevant international standards) the TRIAX Touch system provides instant and accurate G and HIC measurements. Also available is the 20lb cylindrical ASTM F355 “A” missile for testing surfaces such as playing fields, wrestling mats and padding.

The tireless collaboration of Alpha and CPA has resulted in the advancement of protection of injury from falls by children and athletes around the world. A key element to the work behind TRIAX Touch is the provision of test equipment, training and educational seminars, and participation in standards development around the world. Between Alpha and CPA there is representation and collaboration on the following standards committees:

  • ASTM F08.12 (Gymnastics and Wrestling Equipment)
  • F08.17 (Trampolines and Related Equipment)
  • F08.52 (Miscellaneous Playing Surfaces)
  • F08.63 (Playground Surfacing Systems)
  • F08.65 (Artificial Turf Surfaces and Systems)
  • F08.67 (Pole Vault)
  • ISO TC83 (Sports and other recreational facilities and equipment)
  • CSA Z614 (Technical Committee for Children’s Playspaces and Equipment)
  • CEN/TC136/SC1/WG1 (Surfacing)
  • Singapore working group for SS495.

And many more!

Along with the TRIAX Touch devices offered by Alpha Automation Inc., Canadian Playground Advisory Inc.  develops, manufactures and markets testing devices and tools that provide measurements of depth and thickness of surfaces and compliance with changes in vertical heights to meet accessibility standards such as the ADA.

Through international collaboration and exposure to ideas, Alpha and CPA are able to keep their clientele at the leading edge of compliance with standards and advance our client’s ability to respond to the growing interest in the prevention of injury due to impact. The TRIAX Touch web site provides for the advancement of knowledge through a link to the publications section of the CPA website. We encourage readers to visit this site regularly to remain informed on changes and developments in the realm of testing and injury prevention.